About us

Hello!  Grias eich!  Servus!  Hallo!  Salut!  Ciao!  Ahoj!  Bog!  Üdvözlöm!  Ni hao!  Shalom!  Merhaba!  Ola!

My name is Susi, I’m 21 years young and a proud hotel manageress. My biggest goal is to travel around the whole world, discover everything on my way and, most important, tell everyone about it once I have a small restaurant myself (one may dream ?).  Apart from that I love sports and want to finish a marathon on every continent. And of course I like everything everyone my age likes?: Just enjoying life. A day without a smile is a lost day!!!

Oh, and than there’s also Chris ?…

…that’s me ?

I’m 27 years young (probably old), a trained IT-electritian and tinkerer, maker and IT-freak with heart and soul. I basically fix everything I can get my hands on and if it’s not broken, I just try to reprogram it in some way ?. While doing all of this, I’m constantly on the hunt for something new to learn. My biggest hobby is my camera, which I take with me everywhere to capture some exciting and spontaneous moments. Apart from that, I am the one responsible for everything behind the courtains of this blog and I’m always beeing challenged to put Susi’s crazy ideas into practice ?


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