The journey to Lombok on it’s own was a highlight. Rather than the fast boat, we took the normal passenger ferry which takes 6 hours across the open sea.


Once arrived, we went to Mataram, from where we had 2 days to explore the island. One thing is for sure: Next time, we’ll stay longer! We only had Lombok planned as a stopover to the Gili Islands, but it is so much more. Everything that annoyed us about Bali, doesn’t exist here: No annoying sellers, real Indonesian mentality, no corrupt cops, and so on. We really felt like explorers, not tourists.

Once we found a scooter, which isn’t as easy as in Bali, we hit the road towards the South.

First stop: Pink Beach! And it wasn’t pink! Not at all.

The algae responsible for the color, must not have been in the right mood that day and at first, we felt like we traveled 2 hours over bumpy roads for nothing. But we just tried to make the best out of the situation and started exploring.

The second stop of the day, Aan Beach, must have been one of the strangest ones yet. Our plan was to only enjoy a coconut at the beach when two little kids showed up and tried to sell us some souvenirs. After quite a bit of back and forth, we agreed to buy something, but couldn’t agree on a price. The boy told us that he really likes geography, so we agreed that we’ll pay their price if he can name the capital of any random country. We weren’t expecting to ask for the capital of Madagascar and get “Antananarivo!” back in less then a second, but lest just say he really earned that one 😉 .

Once we paid, we grabbed our camera to capture this relaxing beach, but we’ll have to explain to you now, why were smiling past the camera like idiots. There was a little dog behind the camera and once it started capturing, he thought he must protect us from this evil monster 🙂 .

Finally on our way to Mawun Beach, we went across something really special for a country like this: A Moto GP circuit, or better the construction site. Therefore, once it opens in 2020, we can sit in front of the TV and be like “I already drove on that with a scooter!” 😛 .

With a sunset behind us and the view over the bay, our first day on an island full of surprises came to an end.

The second day proved once more: The journey is the destination 😉 .

Before we had to be on the boat to the Gilis, we wanted to take a quick look at the Sendang Gile waterfall. The guy who rented us the scooter organized a driver for us and already warned, that there will be a lot of people trying to convince us to get a guide that we don’t need. Big surprise: His own employee stopped 2km before the destination and told us “From here on only with guide. Thats 300000IDR(ca. 17EUR/21USD/27AUD) per person.” After some back and forth he was convinced that we didn’t need a guide and we only had to pay the national park fee, which was 20000IDR (ca. 1EUR/1USD/2AUD).

Without any further complications, we then went to Bangsal Boat Harbour, from where we made our way to the Gilis, so stay tuned!  <3