Gili Islands

3 islands – one completely different world. We’ve heard a lot about the Gilis before, but they still surprised us. Serenity, beach and sea is all that matters here. We’ve never been this close to paradise 😉 .

The bad news first: Our SD-card didn’t survive the Gilis and we lost quite a few pictures and videos, but at least the memories will last a lifetime and we’re sure we’ll be back some day.

When we arrived, we actually had no idea what to do all day long. We chose Gili Meno, the most quiet one and so called honeymoon island 😉 . Next to it there’s Gili Trawangang (or Gili T), which is the party island and also Gili Air which is a mix of the other two.

We got answers to our questions pretty quick: Literally everyone here spends most of the day on the or under water with diving, snorkeling, or whatever. There’s turtles, corals, fish and most important calmness. There are no roads, no traffic, no appointments and there is no stress.

That’s why we also tried out diving and we loved it! It was a really special moment to dive and snorkel with turtles that we’ll never forget, even though we had a few difficulties getting started.

Those pictures are pretty much all that is left, but we’ll be back one day. After 3 days in the waters around the Gilis, we took the boat back to Bali from where we boarded the plane to Brisbane the following day. Even though this chapter is coming to an end now, there’s still a whole continent full of stories, experiences and surprises ahead of us! We can’t wait to tell you about it and we hope you feel the same.


P.S. there’s one more post about Indonesia coming soon, but it won’t be the typical holiday post you’d expect 😉 .