Bali, the third (:

Our last stop of the bali part on our trip. The first stop was Canggu, a lovely beach town near Kuta. First we had to get used to civilisation again and enjoyed the more touristy south.

We’d love to show you some pictures of Susi’s surf lesson at this point, but she got sea sick before Chris made it to the beach. Nevertheless, the instructor told her she did a really good job while it lasted and we’re sure we’ll get another shot at it some day.

The next destination was Tanah Lot. A Temple on a rock in the sea, which can only be accessed during low tide. It’s really worth seeing, but we were a bit shocked by the amount of tourists and the prices. Flying your drone
(1 charge, which lasts 12 minutes) was 500000IDR (ca. 29EUR/35USD/46AUD).

From Canggu, we headed towards the Nusa Dua peninsula for a scooter trip to the most beautiful beaches, but not without a quick detour to Keramas Beach, which is famous for it’s black sand.

The first beach at Nusa Dua was Pandawa Beach, which is a popular tourist destination and reminded us a bit of Mallorca & Co. What’s special about it is, that there is a wall of rocks off the beach which forms a natural pool during low tide.

The exact opposite awaited us at Nungallan Beach. The first thing to do is to scramble down a huge wall of rocks (and later back up) to even get to the beach. But once down, theres an almost empty paradise waiting. Over a couple kilometers, there were less than 10 people around. Perfect to enjoy the silence after all the buzz in Kuta.

After so much beach it was time to make our way to Sanur and find a boat to get to Nusa Penida. There we (of course) explored more beaches, but a lot of other cool things, too, so stay tuned 🙂 .