Grampians & Great Ocean Road

How impressive!

243 kilometers beach, rocks, ocean and waves, all made over thousands of years by nature. Unbelievable how strong the ocean is!

At some places you can clearly see where land used to be and the forces of the water won the fight over the years.

And the Grampians were just as impressive.

Hand-prints from Aborigines that survived thousands of years – experts are still arguing today why they only used their left hand. You can even see the traces of old fireplaces that used to be there at some point.

There are endless tracks between forest and hills. Sometimes you see a kangaroo hopping around, or maybe even a deer. There are plenty of waterfalls and spots with marvelous views, like MacKenzie Falls and The Balconies. No wonder the Grampians is one of the most visited national parks in Australia.