Happy Easter ??

Yes! We still exist ?.

We’re still in Melbourne and we’re doing quite well.

We spent the last couple of weeks quite relaxed, but that doesn’t mean we don’t have anything to tell you ?.

Our most recent highlight was a surprise visit by Susi’s best friend, Julia.

Susi hat no idea, but better see for yourself ? – and note the 5-second delay before there’s even the slightest reaction from Susi ?.


Together with Julia, we made our way to the Grampians National Park and along the Great Ocean Road. We didn’t have the greatest weather, but it was still a weekend to remember ?.

But sadly, there’s also some not so nice news – actually the reason why we were so quiet over the last couple of weeks: Our beloved Panda (our car ?) was suddenly gone ?!

A couple of weeks ago, our number plates already got stolen and now our whole car was gone. We instantly went to the police, who told us it hasn’t been towed, so it must have been stolen.

We couldn’t really believe it – who on earth steals an old campervan with a flat battery, parked between heaps of luxurious cars? So we started investigating our self and found a cafe around the corner that saw a campervan being towed. We contacted every towing company in Melbourne and finally found our beloved, rusty jewel. The towing company then told us that it was towed because someone thought it was an abandoned car – they left a notice on Friday and took it Monday morning. Usually they leave the note for 7 days, but they didn’t. They were also meant to try to contact us (it says SMILEABROAD.COM – SUSI & CHRIS on the car!), but they also didn’t. Neither the police, nor the council or the towing company could really explain what happened and why.

But the whole story ended in a happy end and we finally got it back! ???


We spent the rest of our time since our last post surprisingly civilized ??. We did a couple of trips to the beach, as well as around the city ?.

We wish all of you happy Easter and are looking forward to telling you new stories about Down Under soon ??.