Happy Days ?

First things first – Susi finally did it! ? She went to her first concert ever ?. We had a really great night and got to see Nickelback live, here in Melbourne ?! Here some impressions ?.


Apart from an evening like this, we’re still surprised but also happy to be here, after the rather quiet Childers and our journey along the east coast. Even though we went to a somewhat larger town every now and then before, living and working here is a completely different story…

There’s always a buzz in Melbourne: Restaurants that never close, pubs, traffic, and so on… So we really learned to appreciate all those beautiful parks around the city. Sometimes it’s just a bit too noisy and a bit too much going on in the city, but as soon as you walk into one of those parks, you’re in a different world ??.

Currently, we’re also working on some other parts of this website – we want to implement a map that shows you where we’ve already been and what’s to see there, like restaurants, sights and all the good places you just find while traveling… and of course a lot of great photos ❤.

No mon´ no fun ?

So, what exacty are we doing all day long?

Here’s a quick explanation ?


As many of you might know, my original plan was to go mango picking to a friend, but since I really missed working in hospitality, I ended up in Melbourne. In the morning, I work in a Restaurant a bit outside of the city center, where I prepare food and drinks for meetings and in the evening, I work at another restaurant, where I mix cocktails, serve food, prepare coffee and most important: Have a chat and tell stories ??.


The job I applied for is called “Amusement Machine Merchandiser”. But that’s not really what I’m doing anymore, since my boss found out that I have a background in electronics ?. My main responsibilities right now is servicing and fixing all the machines. That means maintenance, repairs and mainly installing cardreaders, so that the “no-cash-generation” can also spend 5$ on our machine every no and then ?.


For both of us, it was really not easy to find something different from the “usual” jobs. For Susi, it even took a barista course, a looot of exercise in making latte art and a lot of patience – And for Chris it was more or less a stroke of luck to get a job like this ?.

Our neighborhood ?

We’ve been to South Yarra for about two months now and and by now we managed to get a pretty good picture of the area ?.

It’s a small, nice and lovely corner right between the suburbs and the CBD. We can say we have the best of both worlds: It’s quite calm and relaxed, but everything we need is in walking distance and most of it is open 24/7 ?.

We’ve already got quite a long list of favorite shops and restaurants. For example Chapelli’s – the probably best Italian restaurant you can find on this continent, or Soda Rock Diner – an American diner like you know it from old movies… We probably visit both of them way too often ??.

When we got here, we were the ones asking for recommendations and by now we’re helping others and became insiders around Chapel Street ?.

We’re far from calling ourselves locals, but we’re really enjoying helping other tourists out and giving them some useful tips ?.