Next stop: Australia!

We’re still alive. 😊 We’re already in the process of settling and getting used to our old, new home, but the past 4 months have been packed with discovering even the most remote corners of Australia, which we want you to see too, of course 😉 .

After the beautiful trip through Indonesia, it was time to start our journey across Australia. Once we’ve packed our stuff, we hit the road towards the Gold Coast. 57km of beach invited us to relax, jog and of course surf at Surfers Paradise. One tiny thing we couldn’t get used to: The border between New South Wales and Queensland is also where two time zones meet during daylight saving time. Confusion! 😂

After the quick trip south, we went back to our favorite city, Brisbane. 😊 But it was time to say goodbye to the place where we lived and worked.

Between Brisbane and the Sunshine Coast is what we used to call hikers paradise: The Glass House Mountains. And we just couldn’t refuse the challenge of climbimg 5 of them in one day 😉. It was pretty tough, but the views were a worthy reward.

That’s it for today, but stay tuned for the next part of our journey, which brings us along Fraser Island and the East Coast all the way to Cairns and Cape Tribulation. Stay tuned 😉 .