Koalas!!! ?

How cute those little Koalas ? just are! ? Here in Victoria, on French Island are not just trees and nature, there’s also plenty of Koalas hiding in the eucalyptus trees.

There are about 3000 Koalas hidden on this island and we found 13 of them in just a couple of hours ?.
The majority of the day, about 18 hours, those little fellas are just sleeping and once the wake up, they only got eyes for eucalyptus, but not just any ?? Out of the about 600 varieties they usually only go for 2-3.
This summer, some females on the island even got sterilized, because the population is too high and the trees leaves get eaten faster than they can grow. If you look closely at the pictures, you can see that every Koala has a little chip in it’s ear to keep better track of them.
And if it comes to a disastrous bush fire in Victoria again, it might also happen that some Koalas get taken from the island to repopulate those areas.

P. S. When looking for koalas watch out for drop bears – you don’t want to mess with them ?.