Happy Days ?

First things first – Susi finally did it! ? She went to her first concert ever ?. We had a really great night and got to see Nickelback live, here in Melbourne ?! Here some impressions ?.


Apart from an evening like this, we’re still surprised but also happy to be here, after the rather quiet Childers and our journey along the east coast. Even though we went to a somewhat larger town every now and then before, living and working here is a completely different story…

There’s always a buzz in Melbourne: Restaurants that never close, pubs, traffic, and so on… So we really learned to appreciate all those beautiful parks around the city. Sometimes it’s just a bit too noisy and a bit too much going on in the city, but as soon as you walk into one of those parks, you’re in a different world ??.

Currently, we’re also working on some other parts of this website – we want to implement a map that shows you where we’ve already been and what’s to see there, like restaurants, sights and all the good places you just find while traveling… and of course a lot of great photos ❤.