No mon´ no fun ?

So, what exacty are we doing all day long?

Here’s a quick explanation ?


As many of you might know, my original plan was to go mango picking to a friend, but since I really missed working in hospitality, I ended up in Melbourne. In the morning, I work in a Restaurant a bit outside of the city center, where I prepare food and drinks for meetings and in the evening, I work at another restaurant, where I mix cocktails, serve food, prepare coffee and most important: Have a chat and tell stories ??.


The job I applied for is called “Amusement Machine Merchandiser”. But that’s not really what I’m doing anymore, since my boss found out that I have a background in electronics ?. My main responsibilities right now is servicing and fixing all the machines. That means maintenance, repairs and mainly installing cardreaders, so that the “no-cash-generation” can also spend 5$ on our machine every no and then ?.


For both of us, it was really not easy to find something different from the “usual” jobs. For Susi, it even took a barista course, a looot of exercise in making latte art and a lot of patience – And for Chris it was more or less a stroke of luck to get a job like this ?.