Changed plans! 🤷

Please excuse not hearing from us for so long, it’s a long story:

We left both farmwork and Childers behind us by now. Our last day of work was a blast, but we are honestly somewhat happy to start a new chapter now 😉.

Right after, we went to Brisbane to look for a car. After a couple of bummers, we found our new jewel! Our first stop was obviously IKEA 😁, to equip our new baby properly, so we don’t miss out on anyting 🙈.

During our first days of travelling North, we had to unfortunately realize that wet season is starting earlier and heavier than usual this year. After quite a bit of discussing and asking around, we decided to go South towards Melbourne instead. The over all job situation, as well as the weather should be a bit better down there in the next couple of months 😉…


(Music in the videos: