The last avocados

The time for picking at Simpson farms is now over, but there’s no reason for Susi to be sad- there’s still plenty of work to do. In her case, pruning. She picks all the branches up, that were cut off the trees. As you can see in the video below, she still has always a lot of fun ?.

And we have also prepared a little overview over all the different avocados that were picked on this farm ?:

On the left you can see “Fuerte”, which looks like a pear ?. At the beginning of the season, Susi always wondered why there are pears growing between the avocados, but now that they have grown a little bigger it all makes a lot more sense ?. Hiding in the middle is “Nabal”. This variety of avocado is beeing cut instead of picked. That’s really important, because otherwise they turn brown too quick and wouldn’t be edible anymore. And on the right we got “Hass”, which you probably already know, since it’s the most common sort of avocado.

Overall, there are more than 400 different varieties of avocado, but these are the three most common ones and also the ones that are beeing grown and picked at Simpsons ?.