Working at Simpson’s

Today, I want to tell you a bit more detailed about my work. As already told, I am working on Australias largest avocado farm for 5 weeks now. Time flies.

As you know, I’m always having fun. If the boss isn’t getting a red face from the stupid stuff I do, he sometimes tells me some interesting stuff: The Simpson’s farms are split up into 3 seperate farms. The one I’m working on is the Bonalea-farm. Just on this farm alone, there are about 70,000 avocado trees and to pick them in a reasonable way there’s two different teams: On the one hand, there’s the ground pickers, a group of about 7 people, which pick all the avocados that are in reach from the ground. On the other hand, there’s the so-called cherry pickers who pick all the remaining avocados 🥑 off the up to 20m tall trees. That’s what me and my team of about 20 people is doing.

That’s how we work for 9 hours per day, six days a week. Starting in August, actually 7 days unless it starts to rain to heavily.

In the picture from the car, there’s the group from our hostel. We’re a funny team 👍🏻😊.

In the video you can see a small part of the farm, as well as the “super fast” cherry picker 😂.

…the stuff on the trees is obviuosly avocados – I always say: “Welcome to avocado heaven” 😅.

And the last photo shows how the are usually being sold.

I’m really thankful for the job at Simpson’s and can recommend it to everyone who’s nearby and looking for a job. I’m already looking forward to future farmwork, even though avocado season is still going until August…

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